TEXT: Luke 10:17 – 20

We saw in our previous study that God has given great authority by virtue of being created in His image, made sons by His Spirit, and given His mighty and powerful name. This authority is bestowed on us through His Living Word, the indwelling Holy Spirit and the opportunity to pray and receive answers when our obedience is complete. Today we want to examine what this authority can accomplish. It is our prayer that we will rise and begin to walk in authority in Jesus name.

1. Authority over sin. Rom 6:1-3, 6-7, 14; 8:2; Titus2:14
2. Authority over Satan. Luke 10:18; John 12:31; Heb 2:14; 1John 3:8; Eph 1: 19-23; 2:6
3. Authority over Demons. Luke 9:1; 10:17 – 19; Mark 16:17; Acts 8:7
4. Authority over Sickness and diseases. Luke 9:2; 10:9; Mark 16:18; Acts 3:1-6
5. Authority over curses and satanic covenants and yokes. Mark 16: 18; Gal 3:13;
6. Authority over situations and circumstances. Mark 11:23; John 14:12; Acts 16: 25-34;
7. Authority over kings, princes, principalities and powers. Acts 8: 9-24; 13: 6-12; 2Cor.10:4-6; Eph 6: 10-18;

God will not come down to exercise this authority on our behalf! In fact He will be usurping our authority if He does that. (A President should not exercise the authority of a Governor). We invite you to mediate on these Words prayerfully until you catch a deep revelation of your authority in Christ and begin to operate in it fully. Remember, it is what you permit that will operate in your life (I don’t kill cockroaches for my children anymore, they are old enough to do it, it’s their business if they permit them to share their rooms with them!)