TEXT 1 Samuel 15:22



As soldiers of Christ, God expects us to be obedient to all His instructions and commands. Our obedience must be complete, timely and to Him alone. May the Holy Spirit give us the grace to remain obedient to the Lord.


Types of Obedience

There are different variances of obedience.

  1. Complete Obedience: This simply means whatever God asks you to do, just do it without questioning Him. Complete obedience is obeying without questioning or querying. Some of us query the authority when they are asked to do some things. Complete obedience is just say “yes Lord” and do it. Jn 2:5, 1Kings 19:19-21


  1. Growing Obedience: This kind of obedience is the type of obedience that can grow. When one is given instructions and fails to carry them out in detail at the beginning, but later grows to obey in details. This is referred to as growing obedience. As far as God is concerned, growing obedience is not obedience until it becomes complete. Abraham’s obedience grew to the point of sacrificing Isaac, his only son without questioning God. Gen 12:1-3,4. Gen 16:3–4, Gen 22:1-13


  1. Half Obedience: This means not fully obeying God. Half obedience is worse than Obedience cannot be replaced with sacrifice. It comes before sacrifice.           1 Samuel 15:1-22.


  1. Compelled Obedience: God has a way of compelling his children to obey Him if He loves them. Jonah was on his way to Tarshish when God instructed him to go to Nineveh, but God eventually compelled him in his own way to move him to Nineveh. Jonah 2:1-10


  1. Reversed Obedience: This means disobedience. This is outright disregard to the instructions of God. It is a deliberate act to disobey God’s instructions. It is regarded as a sin of disobedience. This has adverse consequences. Gen 2:16-17. Judges 16:21



Every disobedience is a serious sin. God expects his children to willingly obey Him no matter how tough or hard it could be. When we obey Him completely, it attracts a lot of blessings. Gen 22:15-18